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Thank you for these pictures; I have a couple to send you as soon as they are downloaded in the next day or so.

But most of all, thank you for a wonderful fishing experience, during which the education of this salmon fisherman passed through casting, presentation, and understanding the river, and on to catching grilse. Now on to hooking and landing salmon!

Especially, thank you for your enthusiasm and genuine interest in sharing your love of salmon fishing. Clearly, it has left its mark here. I enjoyed every minute of our three days on the Matane River. In fact, at 3 am this morning, I was awake for about an hour, thinking of every salmon seen and every rise to the fly. And I got up to look at my pictures as well, and take out the selection of flies from Jean-Marc!

The only question is how soon I can return for the next phase of my education......

Actually, I have my Matane flies sitting before me, on my desk.......

Today I went out to catch a few brook trout (what you call speckled trout, I believe) and found myself making some long casts to the head of some beautiful pools -- and found myself casting with no false casts, just back and let it go! Once again I appreciated your teaching me better casting skills. Thank you.

Until next year,


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Hi Gilbert,

Thank you for sending the pictures. That's a great one of Steve's salmon jumping. I'm sure he's like it. I have forwarded them to Anthony and Steve.

We really enjoyed the two days we spent with you on the Matane River. We learned a tremendous amount about salmon fishing and conservation. Keep up the good work on your catch and release foundation.

Anthony and I have been able to go on numerous guided fishing trips on our travels and he commented to me that you were the best all around guide we have ever had. I agreed with him. Thank you for the experience and hope to meet you again and I wish you good health.

Take care, Richard

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This trip was a trip of firsts for my family- first time salmon fishing, first time fly fishing, and the first time in Matane. Thankfully our two wonderful guides, Gilbert and Raymond, helped us every step of the way! They were a pleasure to be with- patient, always offering encouragement, and just a couple of easygoing guys. Their expertise of the salmon and the rivers of the matane were invaluable. If we tried to do this ourselves we would have been lost! High marks for our chalet- dupont couvert- which was beautiful!! A well appointed rustic log cabin right on the matane. It gave us a great balance of that real nature feel but with all the comforts of home-especially after a hard day of fishing.

My father, cousin and I had a truly memorable time! I highly recommend them (and a stay at the chalet!). Thanks to Gilbert for also taking some great photos of me hooking a huge 25 lb salmon!


Gary Patry
Hamilton, New Jersey

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5 days of salmon fishing in Matane

Let me jump right into the deep end and say that Gilbert Fourniers guiding concept is perfect for everybody regardless of how many or how few salmons you have caught. I highly recommends Gilbert, he knows every stream in the Gaspésie rivers and even more important, he knows when to go where dependent on the given conditions. Booking Gilbert for at least two days is a must and even better for the entire fishing trip, as the conditions are rapidly changing in the Gaspésie Rivers depending on rain, wind and temperature. I do recommends Guilbert's salmon package there include lodging at he Belle Plage hotel, breakfast and dinner, the dinner is a superior four courses dinner at you own choose from the menu card, and the chef is outstanding, but let me try to focus at the fishing and just say that it is really value for money.

90% of salmon fishing is to be on the right spot at the right time, and that is exactly what Gilbert ensure you are, if you can provide the last 10% there consist of not loosing focus, or getting over anxious, and present the fly in the water, you are very close to make your salmondreams come true. The last prerequisite to be fulfilled, to make the salmon take the fly, is what I usually call an instant of brain damage, as we all knows that salmons are not supposed to eat in fresh water.

At my arrival I was picked up in the Mont Joli airport, and the next morning we went fishing at six o'clock. It took Gilbert 10 minutes to find the first salmon with an instant of brain damaged, a 66 cm Grisle, after I had returned it to the river, I was for the first time in my life served Rose vine before breakfast, Gilbert served half a bottle of No Kill vine a souvenir from the Salmon Guides Society and recognized by Atlantic Salmon Federation to promote the Return to River concept. Later the same morning I returned a 80 cm blank salmon to the river, I was surprised to get a blank salmon in September, but it is not unusual, I touch totally ten salmons a this trip, three of them was blank and three was +10 kg salmons. The next day Gilbert took me to the Matapedia river, there have some of the biggest salmons in the area, I did not get any of the big ones but another Grisle. At my last fishing day Gilbert took me to the Cap Chat river, there is a beautiful river in the wilderness with unforgettable landscapes.

What you have lost or released, you will own forever, a dead, weighted, and measured salmon in the freezer is the end of a story; a released salmon is the start of new life and a never ending story.

Ole Jensen
Vinkelvej 10

3550 Slangerup

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